What is the Ultimate Leviathan Project About Anyway?

“Leviathan of the Ancient Deep” is a three-movement, 25-minute concerto for 6-string electric violin, EWI, Synth, and orchestra. Written in 2008 and not premiered live until 2016, it is indeed a monster of a work:

“…it’s a fantastic piece – imaginative, engaging, and pretty wild” (Sam Renshaw).

Collaborating with PARMA Recordings and the Moravian Philharmonic of the Czech Republic, we are working to create a definitive recording of this challenging, cinematic work so that its dramatic sonic experience can be shared widely with others.

The sheer volume of talent – including musicians, engineers, and specialty instruments – that are needed to record and produce “Leviathan of the Ancient Deep” requires a large budget. Thankfully, PARMA is a highly experienced company with the capability of pulling all the necessary components together; listen to their work on my debut album with them, “Soul of the Machine.”

All we need for this definitive “Leviathan” recording is help with the funding.
At this point, we know we’ll need $25,000 for the bulk of the project. With that, I have estimated (based on prior experience with PARMA) needing a grand total of $42,000 for the entire production of a full album release, featuring the definitive recording of “Leviathan of the Ancient Deep.”

Besides seeking private donations, I’m also in the seeking out new music grants and corporate sponsorships to help make the total cost more achievable.

Any extra funding will go toward funding travel costs to Europe for the Leviathan recording sessions, and any other surprise costs that may come up in the process.

As a contributor, you’ll get a front-row seat to this experience along with me! You’ll always be kept updated with our progress and news. I hope you’ll join me on this adventure!