iSupport New Music is Completely Revamped!

Check out the new and improved!

Now you can explore THREE large-scale works (soon-to-be FOUR) 😉 that I’m aiming to record with live musicians via my new connection with CMG Music Recording as well as my other long-established connections.

Of course, the project sitting forefront of my mind is my beloved Leviathan Concerto. But I’ve decided to change gears and raise money in efforts to directly support California musicians instead of outsourcing the labor. We actually save a lot of money this way and can support the same people I know and work with locally. And visitors to the revamped now have a choice to pitch in toward whichever project strikes them the most.

Relatedly, I have set up a brand new “Backstage” page for my Bandcamp. If you would prefer to set up an annual subscription to support my music, you’ll get three free EPs, all the new recordings I publish, exclusive access to the Sarah Wallin Huff fan community,  future Backstage Exclusive merch I’m planning on offering soon as well as 15% off any general merch I offer, AND… If you’re a Gold Level Supporter, you’ll also get your name listed in all future album notes you help support; if you’re a Diamond Level Supporter, you’ll get all that and one autographed, bound score of the featured work of the newest album you support.

If you like what you hear from my catalogue, please consider subscribing or donating so I can keep releasing quality live recordings of my work!