New Tee-Shirt Colors!

The Leviathan Concerto fundraising tee-shirt now comes in classy blue colors along with the original charcoal-gray! Remember 100% of proceeds from these sales go toward funding the Leviathan Pro Recording on Navona Records!

Brand New Leviathan Tees!

Share your enthusiasm for “Leviathan” with this beautiful, custom tee or sticker!


This lovely t-shirt (courtesy of Teespring) features an artistic rendering of Sarah Wallin-Huff’s own 6-string, dragon-shaped, electric violin, on which she has performed her Leviathan Concerto, and lots of other music and styles!
All funds raised with these T-shirts and stickers will go directly toward the recording, art, and marketing costs of the Leviathan Pro Recording Project.

Share the love and support the Leviathan Concerto today!

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“The Music’s Story” Now Available on Amazon!

Now, the beautiful art-book and epic poem that completes the Leviathan Experience is available on Amazon! It’s an imaginative way to get a deeper understanding of the music’s story, and to make a solid connection between the changes in the Concerto and the scenes of the story they represent.

My Rationale

Starting in 2012, I began to explore self-publishing my own albums, eps, and singles. Before that, I was simply offering my live demos as free downloads on my old site. But I discovered the oddest thing–nobody would take advantage of listening to my recordings until I started charging money! @_@ …

FAQ for Sponsors

Here are some answers to the common questions anyone who is interested in partnering with this project might have… If you have more questions that haven’t been answered, drop me a line! 🙂 And don’t forget to check out the exclusive offerings I have for corporate sponsors!

We’re Featured in an Article on Give!

Guess what? This project has been featured on Give’s home site! They’re so sweet and supportive.

Go check out the article and share it around!