Facing the Journey…

Evoking the driving forces of metamorphosis and migration, “INTREPID” is a Fantasy for Oboe/English Horn solo, with small chamber orchestra accompaniment.

The centerpiece of the work is the soloist, who is called upon to switch between two instruments: the oboe and the english horn. It is common for a professional oboist to double on the english horn, as the latter instrument is a larger relative of the double-reeded former, capable of sounding lower notes. Therefore, the soloist for “INTREPID” is able to glide across a vast range of sonic territory with unfettered grace.

Composed in 2015, this Fantasy is rich in color and persistent in its sweeping journey. The delicacy of its texture owes to the gossamer accompaniment of strings, harp, piano, and only a handful of brass and woodwinds. This allows the soloist to soar unhindered and grants the whole work a free-flowing transparency and lightness.


Enjoy the Bonus Live Demo track of "Intrepid" included on the 2015 EP SONATA MODERNA

...and the live debut performance by the Santa Clarita Philharmonic, featuring Kathy Pisaro on the solo!

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